Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Technical surveillance detection detects the use of technical devices or equipment for surveillance and monitoring. This discipline is most commonly referred to as technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM). Technical surveillance devices can be detected by conducting a physical search or using technical detection equipment. Any activities conducted to detect the presence of technical surveillance capabilities must be performed discreetly and systematically.

Professional countermeasures according to international standards

  • Special spectrum analyzers
  • Non-Linear Junction
  • Thermal cameras
  • Drones for airborne video and photographs
  • Optical remote-controlled cameras
  • Special wall scanners, X-RAY generators, signal demodulators
  • Scanners for hidden cameras and digital recording devices
  • Inductive countermeasures for telephone lines

TSCM Services

  • Electronic clearing, detection and neutralization of monitoring systems and software in any fixed or mobile space (Bug Sweeping)
  • Check on the mobile and the gsm – sim card for malicious interventions as well as for the existence of malicious software or monitoring material
  • Detect hidden audio devices with gsm-sim card or micro-transmissions at any frequency, even when it is off or busy (Standby Mode)
  • Blocking of wireless networks and frequencies in unauthorized areas and areas (Signal Jamming)
  • Constructions for control and blocking of malicious Drone.
  • Blocking any remote controlled explosive device.

We conduct surveys at the following locations:

  • Offices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Vehicles
  • Houses
  • Call centers
  • Data centers
  • Hotel rooms
  • Conference and exhibition facilities
  • Critical Infrastructure Areas
  • Laboratories
  • Aircraft and super yachts

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