Security Risk Management

LOGAS P.H.P. GROUP can conduct for you a full risk management program. It is the formal process utilized to quantify, qualify, and mitigate specific concerns an organization may discover or define. Many companies have some form of risk management program. These programs may be very mature and well defined or may appear to have developed without planning or foresight. It is important for the security professional to identify the program in place and understand the approach accepted in a particular company. The specific model utilized by the company will give the security professional an understanding of the role he or she has in the program. This is critical whether the security professional is an employee or a consultant for a company. These programs tend to address well-defined and known risks with singularly focused mitigation strategies.

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Align Costs with Strategy & Focus on your Security

Security Planning & Design

When designing a new building or planning the renovation of an existing one, it is crucial that security be considered as a part of the design and planning process.

Risk Assessments

In order to achieve the organization’s overall and risk management objectives, those responsible for conducting the assessment should follow a structured approach to review and analyze facts, observations, and possible outcomes.

Business Continuity Plans

Whether a natural disaster, a hazardous materials contamination, a terror attack, a pandemic, or a cyberattack, each has the potential to stop a business from running and cause the business to fail.

Security Survey's

Αs part of the risk assessment, identifies deficiencies or excesses, determines the level of protection needed, and makes recommendations to improve the overall security of the operation.

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

Risk analysis uses findings from asset, threat, and vulnerability analyses to examine the consequences of hostile actions for the building owner. The results are used to determine which security measures can effectively counteract potential damage and losses

Security Training Services

We offer a comprehensive range of internationally recognized and validated education services. Using know-how built for many years and constant updates, these services can be delivered anywhere in the world.