Security Consultancy Services

Security Risk Management

We can conduct for you a full risk management program. It is the formal process utilized to quantify, qualify, and mitigate specific concerns an organization may discover or define.

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Operational Security Services

The nature of our agency and its particular mission in a region, country or part of a country will influence whether we enter a violent environment or stay in it...

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Security Systems Consulting

When designing a new building or planning the renovation of an existing one, it is crucial that security be considered as a part of the design and planning process.

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Resilience Consulting

Resilience of an organization is defined its ability on the one hand to prevent and respond to risks associated with its smooth operation, on the other hand to adapt to...

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Maritime Security

Heightened security is perceived as vital to sustain the critical flow of commerce and perceived as vital to sustain the critical flow of commerce and prevent a dire interruption of ...

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Cyber Security

The core functionality of cybersecurity involves protecting information and systems from major cyberthreats. These cyberthreats take many forms e.g., application attacks, malware...

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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Technical surveillance detection detects the use of technical devices or equipment for surveillance and monitoring. This discipline is most commonly referred to as technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM).

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LOGAS P.H.P. GROUP offers a comprehensive range of internationally recognized and validated education services. Using know-how built for many years and backed by constant updates, this services can be delivered anywhere...

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