Close Protection Services for JAY B Got7 K-Pop Artist

Jay B (known before as JB) (제이비) is a soloist under CDNZA Records and leader/member of GOT7 on  22/12 came to Greece for the first time for a unique live on the stage of Fuzz Live Music Club.

Once again we were choosen to provide our close protection services which included among others were the provision of close protection guards daily plus 3 Mercedes Vito with a trained close protection driver for the needs of transportation of our client to and from various locations safely. 


Pre-hospital care emergency services. 

LOGAS PHP GROUP guards are also experienced paramedics and can  provide  full support for life threatening or non-life threatening incident to principal’s life until the arrival to a healthcare facility.

Ambulance Service

During the stay of the principal we also provided an ambulance service to ensure the safe transportation from the event / call point to the nearest health unit/hospital.

Vehicle Service

Our vehicles were equipped with full Trauma Kit and defibrillator and also GPS locators. 

VIP Limo